Cleaning Maid EZ, LLC
8506 Preston Hwy Ste A Louisville, Kentucky 40219
(502) 551-9473

Latest reviews for Cleaning Maid EZ, LLC 5/5.0 stars (9 reviews)

Jeffrey in Prospect, KY *****
Always there and always great
Roy in LOUISVILLE, KY *****
Lissa and her crew have been to our home numerous times and the place is always immaculate when she leaves. They are good people, friendly, and knowledgable. Cleaning products usee are environmentally safe.
Marla in Louisville, KY *****
I am extremely pleased with Cleaning Maid EZ. Lissa and her staff are incredible. They are very thorough and want to insure I am satisfied with their service each time they clean. I have been a customer for several years and will definitely recommend their service to others. I would like to extend my thanks to Cleaning Maid EZ for making my life easier!
Jalecoe in Louisville, KY *****
Lissa and her team has cleaned our apartment and Salon for the past 2-3 years. I am also impress with the way her team executes her services. They’re all professional and her cleaning is way above the rest. Will definitely recommend them to anyone.
Geralyn in Louisville, KY *****
Lissa and her team do a great job cleaning my home. They are trustworthy and stand behind the work they do. I would highly recommend using Cleaning Made EZ, and I have trusted them for almost three years!
Joseph in Louisville, KY *****
I've been using the service for almost a year now and they do excellent work. I am very pleased with the service.
Peggy in Louisville, KY *****
Lissa and her team have been cleaning our condo for over 2 years. My husband and I are retired so we get to see first hand the conscientious cleaning each visit to our home. Any little extra chore we ask be completed, is done with kindness and efficiency. We recommend Cleaning Maid Easy.
Carl in Louisville, KY *****
Lisa and her team are amazing. The house always looks so wonderful after they are here. They go above and beyond, by taking the initiative to take care of details that would go unnoticed by a less professional and experienced team. They are all kind and professional. They love our little feline children, as well. My husband and I couldn’t be more pleased with the level of service Cleaning Maid Ez provides.
Lori in Louisville, KY *****
Lissa and her crew are wonderful. My husband and I have been using Cleaning Maid Ez for about two years now. They always do a thorough job cleaning. It's so nice to come to a well cleaned home that I didn't have to clean! We also have 3 cats and 2 dogs. How the crew gets all of the fur up, I will never know. Most importantly, they are great with our animals and are extremely patient with them. (They can be a handful!) We are so lucky to have found Cleaning Maid EZ. They truly make our lives easier!

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