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Sweeping floors


When you hire Cleaning Maid EZ, LLC, you hire a team of professionals dedicated to cleaning your home with a level of precision and expertise you can appreciate. We help you keep your living space tidy and presentable year-round with our scheduled cleaning sessions and one-time cleanings. Specializing in commercial and residential cleaning services, you can always count on amazing results! Call us today at (502) 551-9473 for a free estimate.

Residential Cleaning

Residential cleaning is our specialty and for good reasons. It's important to have a tidy, orderly home that you can be proud of but for so many of us, there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to get it done. That's why we're in this business. You can leave it to Cleaning Maid EZ, LLC to take care of all your residential cleaning needs! From dusting and sweeping to scrubbing baseboards and appliances, we do it all!

corporate Cleaning

Commercial cleaning is something every business owner should invest in because even if you can manage cleaning your home, your business is out of the question! Leave it to the cleaning experts to keep your company looking it's best at all times. We provide the most efficient cleaning services designed to keep your business in immaculate condition so that you can focus on things that matter more.

room-by-room Cleaning

Every room in every house or office space is different. Whether we're house cleaning or office cleaning, our attentive staff is working hard to make sure your space is as clean as it can be.

Deep Cleaning

Sometimes a general cleaning is just not enough; you need that deep clean to penetrate all levels of dirt and grime. For those overlooked areas like your blinds, baseboards, and kitchen cabinets---we clean it all from top to bottom! Our deep cleaning services are ideal for one-time sessions or on a monthly basis.

Instead of using harsh chemicals that can be dangerous we take a more natural, eco-friendly approach. By having your living space thoroughly cleaned, you prevent the build-up of dirt, dust, and disorder down the line. The result? A tidy home that lasts longer between visits. Because after all, who has the time and energy to scrub baseboards and dust doors and fans? You don't, but we do!

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